How to be comfortable with scarred skin?

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The society we live in has its prejudices. Society by large judges the book by its cover. This makes individuals feel more conscious of themselves. We are always moved by the notion of perfect body appearance, and the inner strength gets a setback. The journey to love oneself the way we are can be a long process for many. However, the result is always cherishing.  

Scars can make you feel imperfect and uncomfortable. But the moment you start to love yourself, you are sure to become more comfortable in your skin. Here are some tips that you can follow to help yourself grow and be the best version of yourself.  


Change your Perspective:

The way we perceive things plays an important role. While dealing with your scars, the very first question that you need to ask yourself – “AM I READY TO EXPOSE MY SCAR?” Exposing your scars is not a necessity to prove to everyone you are confident. You can choose your comfort without even feeling obligated to disclose it to others. Having the consciousness of what to do is enough to make you comfortable as a person. The priority is yourself, and take as much time as you want to be comfortable with yourself.  Don’t expose your scars just because someone else — a family member, a friend, or mentor — pressures you to do so. Change the way you think about your scars. 


Don’t focus on people who stare:

People will have opinions, but their opinions do not define what we are as humans. To believe in oneself is the biggest and the greatest treasure. Do not focus on people who stare.  It is always wise to eliminate the negativity surrounding us. It is understandable that their stare can make you feel awkward, but their behavior does not define you as a person.



Scars can be caused because of accidents, allergic reactions, or congenital reasons. One more thing that you need to be conscious of is that some scars are temporary. For example, the scars caused by acne, which are more popularly called acne scars, can be easily taken care of with the help of creams. Be aware of your body and treat them with respect. It is very much possible that with time your scar marks diminish. Nevertheless, your scar marks certainly do not define you as a person. At Goya basics, we always promote body positivity and help people be more confident about who they are. We believe in body empowerment and strive hard to make people confident in their own skin.


Experiment with dressing:

With all the ups and downs, life is a journey in its own way, and the scars become a part of our daily existence. The best way to be oneself is by trying to accept the way you are. The moment you become comfortable with your scar, no one can affect you with their comments. If you want to expose your scars, take baby steps at a time. You can also consider changing your dressing sense. If convenient, you can wear a sleeveless top as well. Choose the dress that you want to experiment with.


Realize that your physical body is only one part of you:

Always remember your scars are not your only identity. Reducing yourself to just how you look would be unjust to yourself. Nobody in this world is perfect. It is always wise to embrace imperfections and stop shying away from what we are. Scar or no scar, the most important thing is to be comfortable in our skin. Embrace yourself the way you are. Accept the way you are and you, with your maturity, are ready to define the way you live. It is always the “Glass half full perspective” that helps you grow. Try looking at everything with positivity and a new perspective.

So, do not feel pressured. Look around, and see the uniqueness that every person has to offer. Allow yourself the time to heal, and love yourself the way you are. Because your scars do not define you, it makes you unique. 

Chalk out your path and enjoy the way you are.



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“Your scars are victory badges, wear them boldly! They show you overcame, you healed and that you are moving forward ….”


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