Anti-Aging with Collagen and Retinol Boosts

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These days, you can not walk through the anti-aging aisle without seeing the word “collagen” brandished in just about every product imaginable. From sheet masks to serums- each product claims to either boost, preserve, or restore its production. But, before you just dismiss this collagen craze as just another beauty fad, let us take a comprehensive look at what exactly collages are and why we need so much of it in the first place.


Collagen and anti-aging

Collagen is one of the most essential proteins in the skin, and it serves as one of the most important blocks of your bones, muscles, hair, ligaments, and skin. When it comes to skin, collagen plays an important part; the collagen protein keeps the skin from sagging. It helps the skin look more youthful.

However, with advancing age, the collagen production in the body falls. Studies have shown that women in their mid-20’s slowly start to lose college. And as a fact, 30% of collagen production declines in the first five years of menopause. 

If you want to fight your anti-aging problems, then you should include collagen in your daily skincare regime at the earliest. Collagen and anti-aging are directly related. Some people even take collagen supplements like capsules and peptide powders.

But do they work?

Well, there are no conclusive studies that show that collagen supplements will benefit you. But there are no negative repercussions. Collagen has long-term benefits as well. Several studies have shown that supplements or peptides containing collagen may help slow the aging of your skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

Even if you are in your 20’s and wondering how to prevent aging skin in your 20s? You should incorporate collagen-based or retinol-based products in your daily skincare routine. Doing this simple technique will help you fight the signs of aging.


How to boost collagen production in the skin for anti-aging?

There are some great natural and non-invasive ways to boost collagen. You can take collagen supplements, or you can choose to go for collagen-based skincare products.

In case you are wondering- how to boost collagen production in your skin?

Then, my friend, you are in the right place. At Goya Basics, we have got you covered. Just follow these simple tips and boost your collagen to give your skin a younger and toned look. 

Rock and Roll With Retinol for fighting aging

When it comes to skincare, antioxidants play an essential role. And retinol is one such antioxidant that is commonly used to boost the collagen levels in the skin. You will now be wondering- is retinol good for skin?

Well, the answer is a DEFINITE YES!

Retinol helps to increase the lifespan of collagen and block certain enzymes that destroy collagen, thereby making it a perfect addition to many skincare kits. Thus, to fight your aging skin problems, retinol can be your best friend. You can even consider buying skin cream with retinol. 

If you haven’t yet added retinol to your skincare regime. Then do that ASAP!

Go For Bakuchiol if Retinoids Are Too Harsh

However, retinol might not suit every skin type. If you’re sad that you have sensitive skin and can not use retinol, please do not be disheartened. We have the magical cure for this as well. 


Well, in case you find the retinol too harsh on your skin, you can use bakuchiol, the natural alternative to retinol. Every beautiful lady who has sensitive skin can try bakuchiol in place of retinol. It also helps in collagen production and helps fight irritation.

Try using Hyaluronic acid 

An essential compound for collagen in the skin is hyaluronic acid. It may sound very fancy but trust us, as we say, it works wonders on the skin. You can take it as supplements or can even use cosmetic products rich in hyaluronic acid. Adding this to your regular diet and skincare routine will simply help you boost the existing collagen level.

Add a dash of Vitamin C Now for signs of aging

If you are not very fond of oranges and lemons, it is high time to consider adding them to your daily life. Vitamin C is one of the best-known vitamins. And apart from the many benefits, one of the most important roles it plays is ensuring more collagen production in the body.

For some extra benefits, you can also use Vitamin C serum regularly. To get some expert guidance on what to do and what not to do? Connect with us at Goya Basics.

Replace your regular serum with a collagen-based serum

Due to the super-lightweight texture, collagen serums are an absolute hit these days. They penetrate deep into the skin and help fight anti-aging problems. They firm the skin and smooth out wrinkles. Generally, two types of collagen serum are available in the market- hydrolyzed collagen and marine collagen. Depending upon the skin texture and type, go for the purchase.

To add some extra dash of the goddess, you can also pair your collagen serum with your daily moisturizer. After oiling your skin, you can wash your skin, add your collagen serum, moisturize and have a beauty nap.
In the never-ending quest for healthier skin, knowing is indeed half the battle. To understand your skin better and figure out the best possible skincare regime for you, connect with us at Goya Basics– We will help you bring in magic through our little bottles of love.

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