Gold-Like Skin and An Incredible Glow Are Now Available in A Single Bottle.

Gold has held a unique role since ancient times, not only as a precious metal used to manufacture beautiful pieces of jewellery for ancient kingdoms in India, China, and a plethora of countries but also as a key ingredient in beauty products. Gold exists in two separate forms in its purest and most natural instinct. Gold has been used in skin treatments since Cleopatra and Nefertiti’s Egyptian princesses. They were known to sleep with a gold mask. Now the question arises, is it worth the hype or not? Well, that is what we are going to find out. Because metallic gold particles are exceedingly stable, inert, non-cytotoxic, and biocompatible, they do not cause skin irritation or redness.

Furthermore, gold has the potential to fight microorganisms on the skin’s surface. As a result, it is safe for use on human skin and appropriate to be used in cosmetic items. Goya Basics 24k Magic face mask, as the name suggests, this face mask gives you beautiful and velvety skin like the ancient queens.

Why Do We Desire to Wear Gold Face Masks, And Why Do We Identify Them with The Egyptian Queen?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you! Cleopatra’s famous skincare and bathing rituals were milk and gold. These were among the most widely connected foods and colours with the style, with Cleopatra, reported to have bathed in donkey milk and slept wearing a gold face mask. Cleopatra appears to be influencing 21st-century customers despite her reign as queen of Egypt over 2,000 years ago.

What Do We Know About Gold Face Masks After Thorough Research?

  • Slows ageing process

Gold particles quickly penetrate deeper layers of skin, retexturing, repairing, and rejuvenating skin cells from the inside.

  • Increases Collagen Production

The ions in gold can accelerate the flow of blood via the nerves and veins in the face, enhancing the natural metabolism of skin cells and eliminating waste discharges from the face. In addition, getting a gold facial once a month boosts collagen formation in the body, which keeps skin structure tight and avoids early drooping.

  • Protects against sun damage

Due to its inherent ability to shield the skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, gold offers inherent skin-enriching characteristics. Sunburn can be avoided by applying gold-infused face masks once a week before going out in the sun.

  • Acne Treatment

Gold is a popular choice when choosing anti-acne skincare products due to its inherent antioxidant and antibacterial characteristics.

  • Skin Tone Lightening

Gold-containing skincare products can help fade tans. On the face and other exposed areas of skin, the ions and trace minerals in gold work to remove filth, dirt, and dust.

  • Skin Moisture Balance

The minute gold particles penetrate the skin’s layers, enhancing its built-in defences and preserving the skin’s natural hydration. After applying a product with gold impurities, the skin begins to appear luminous and radiant.

  • Combats Skin Allergies

By raising oxygen levels in the cells, the antioxidants in gold encourage cell renewal. Gold particles in skin care products increase blood flow, giving the skin a lovely glow.

  • Skin Inflammation Treatment

Gold has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory to alleviate skin inflammation, reduce swelling, and eliminate redness. Deep within the skin, the additional oxygen generated by gold can repair damaged cells.

Is it necessary to go to a parlour or salon for the benefits of a gold mask?

This has to be the most asked question by all the users, and let me tell you, not at all! Now you can get salon-like treatments while sitting at home. You just have to follow the below steps.

  1. Cleansing is the initial stage in every facial and skincare regimen; before continuing, it is imperative to remove all debris from the skin’s surface.
  2. Exfoliating your skin is the next step to removing pollutants and dead skin cells that are lodged deep within your pores. Pores can be unclogged by scrubbing as well.
  3. Massage your face with a 24K gold facial cream to promote blood circulation. When your blood circulation improves, your skin seems naturally glowing.
  4. Facial masks can be wash-off or peel-off, before applying, check the instructions on the container. This is quite likely the most soothing aspect of any facial.
  5. After a facial, apply a moisturizer to nourish the skin and establish a protective layer. After thoroughly cleansing your skin, apply a layer of moisturizer to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the pores.

Important Note: Please do not go overboard. A gold facial every other day may be more detrimental to the skin than beneficial. It’s good to stick to it every 4 to 6 weeks. Follow your washing, toning, and moisturizing skincare routine and apply the appropriate product for your skin type. Exfoliate once a week as well. By caring for your skin with the Goya Basics 24k Magic face mask, you can keep your natural glow and keep it gleaming longer.

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