After 10 face serum with Retinol and Collagen

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Prevents Premature aging | Fights Dark Spots | Combats Dullness

The best wrinkle is the one that never shows.

Introducing the After 10 Serum, a powerhouse in your skincare arsenal! This overnight repair formula is designed to combat uneven skin tone, pigmentation and acne-prone tendencies, leaving you with a radiant, healthy glow.


Powered by the dynamic duo of Retinol and Collagen, this serum acts as a preventive measure, working diligently to reduce sun damage, wrinkles, and fine lines. Achieve clear, youthful, and healthy skin effortlessly.


The serum features an army of effective antioxidants that tirelessly battle everyday dullness, promoting visibly radiant and glassy-looking skin.


A carefully crafted concoction of collagen-boosting ingredients restores revitalized and bouncy skin. Bid farewell to dark spots and discoloration as your skin tone improves.

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  • Ingredients

Aqua, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Benzoate, Aloe vera Extract, Propanediol, Glycerin, Vitamin C, Retinol, Collagen, Carrot Seed Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Chamomile Extract, Licorice Extract.

  • Application Details

Clean your face and pat it dry at night. Take 4-5 drops of the collagen and retinol serum and massage on your face and neck for #goyaglow. Do not forget to top it up with a face oil.

  • Vows by Goya

“This little bottle of radiance has a non-greasy texture to boost brightening and revival for night repair. It works all night long on your skin to wake you up with a younger-looking glowing face. It works on acne scars, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

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10 reviews for After 10 face serum with Retinol and Collagen

  1. Dharini Chandra

    After using this product for more than 2 months I am writing this review, initially, I was not satisfied with the product. I have oily/pimple skin but believe me, it shows it’s the result gradually. It keeps your skin hydrated and it does what it claims. You can use the product at night and for 2-3 days a week.

  2. Siddhima Mishra

    This is best serum and have suited for my acne prone skin

  3. Payal Chawla

    I wake up with smooth, glowing skin every morning. This serum is definitely worth the investment

  4. Aanchal

    I have struggled with dark spots and uneven skin tone for years, but the After 10 face serum has really helped to even out my complexion.

  5. Honey Agarwal

    I have used this products mainly for pigmentation and it not only reduced my pigmentation alot but also made my skin looks healthier.

  6. Maninder

    I’ve been using the After 10 face serum for a few weeks now and I’m already seeing a difference in my skin. The retinol has helped to smooth out my fine lines and reduce my acne marks, while the collagen has made my skin feel more plump and youthful.

  7. Tulika

    I wake up with extremely soft baby skin every time I used it. Works very well and I feel the wrinkles around my eyes also reducing. Overall a great product.

  8. Prajakta Chatterji

    I love that this serum works overnight so I wake up with glowing, refreshed skin.

  9. Sandhya

    It has become a staple in my nighttime skincare routine. The retinol has helped to reduce my pigmentation.

  10. Greeshma.S

    Received a product which is close to expiry date.I tried to order it via Amazon initially and it got cancelled.So I ordered it from the website.I absolutely regret my decision.

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