Lather of Luxury: Goat Milk Soaps Combo

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Indulge in the luxurious lather of our handcrafted goat milk soap combo!

This pampering set features four of our most popular goat milk soaps, each made with all-natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

  • Oaty Cappuccino: Wake up your senses with this creamy blend, where energizing coffee kisses exfoliating oats for a revitalized, smooth skin.
  • Citrus Bomb: Escape to a burst of sunshine with this zesty dance of orange peel and honey, leaving your skin bright, invigorated, and gently cleansed.
  • A-Loe-You: Embrace nature’s soothing kiss with this calming blend of aloe vera and neem, perfect for sensitive skin seeking relief and gentle care.
  • Ms. Rosie: Indulge in a luxurious embrace of delicate rose petals and their soft fragrance, pampering your skin with a touch of pure romance.

Specialized 100% Goat Milk Soaps – With All Natural Ingredients to help you energize, brighten, calm, and pamper.

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5 reviews for Lather of Luxury: Goat Milk Soaps Combo

  1. Chintan

    Value for money. Glowing. Moisturizer. Best fragrance.

  2. niyaz

    Very very nice soap and its quality is amazing! Higly recommended to all

  3. Nida Khan

    The oaty cappuccino soap is my favorite – the coffee and oats combo leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and silky smooth.

  4. Aditi jaitly

    This is a very good soap that is gentle on skin and lathers well. It does not make the skin dry and cleans it properly. The fragrance of each of these is very nice.

  5. Prasun Banerjee

    My family used this soap and they love it!! I bought again for my sister who wants to take it with her to USA

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