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    How does the collagen and retinol face serum work?

    Collagen and retinol act as preventive measures and cures for acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dark spots, ageing skin, and uneven skin tone. Retinol works to stimulate collagen production and accelerate skin turnover, thereby reducing pigmentation and the appearance of spots. It is an overnight repair for your skin to reduce spots and refine glassy-looking skin.

    How does it work for acne?

    Acne-related dark spots on the skin take approximately 6 months to heal. Retinol, in turn, catalyses the process of fighting dark spots to help them lighten sooner. This way, the serum does wonders when used in combination with the acne-curing morning face serum.

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    Dry skin? Patchy and dull skin? Rosehip Oil is a true skin saver, especially when it comes to hydration.

    • Hydration of skin: It is a natural source of Omega 6 and Omega 3. Hydrates the skin deeply for 24hrs. 
    • Anti-Aging Benefits: Assists formation of collagen, a structural protein that ensures youthful skin.
    • Even Skin Tone: Packed with antioxidants, natural Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Rosehip oil enhances skin tone by fighting tough spots and adding an everlasting glow. It promotes a glass skin texture that never goes out of fashion.

    PRO TIP: You can also add it to your hair mask, or directly apply it to the scalp. It prevents falkiness of the scalp that could be a cause of itchiness.

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    Long hair? Frizzy Hair? Hair Tangles? Dullness in the hair? Hair breakage? We’ve got you covered!

    • Promotes healthy hair: Enriched with Argan Oil and Amla it nourishes, strengthens, repairs, and protects your hair.
    • Deep nourishment: The star ingredient, Natural Squalene—the one ingredient to deeply nourish your hair.
    • Prevents UV damage: Forms a barrier on the hair shaft that helps to reduce the damage caused by heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers.

    It keeps long hair from tangling and promotes shiny, long hair, just like Rapunzel!

    PRO TIP: It is most effective when combined with a massage with the Goya Basics Bhiringraj Hair Oil once a week.

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    Seabuckthorn is an essential oil extracted from the berries, leaves, and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant. This fruit from the foothills of Himalayas is enriched with a plethora of fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, and Omega 7. It aids the cells in smooth functioning as well as replenishment, production and maintenance of collagen.

    It is suitable for all skin types and assists in hydrating skin, regenerating dead skin cells, curing and preventing acne. The anti-inflammatory properties help cure puffiness, swelling and redness on skin. It also is a groundbreaking solution for tough scars and marks on face and body, replenishing and protecting a supple skin texture with even tones.